Crystal Laser Image Cube

K9 crysal 3D laser crystal Souvenir cube crystal 3D engraving building model inside crystal

Product Details

Product Introduction

New Sanhe Crystal

 crystal cube with laser engraving , and the colorful crystal base


Crystal Cube with 3D laser and Colorful Crystal Base


New Design Crystal Glass Cube Laser Engraved Building Model 3d Laser Engraved Glass Cube

Wholesale Customized Design Model 3d Laser Etched Crystal Building

K9 Crystal Building Model for Wedding and Return Gifts

Crystal factory directly sale K9 crystal material Crystal building model for wedding and business gift

Security glass

The glass, made by a Hungarian research institute, is made up of multiple layers, each of which is embedded with very thin metal wires that send out an alarm system in case thieves break the glass

Matters needing attention

1. In order to avoid unnecessary losses during transportation, it is necessary to fix and add soft pads.It is generally recommended that the method of transport be erected.The vehicle should also pay attention to maintain stable and slow speed.

2. If the other side of the glass installation is closed, please pay attention to clean the surface before installation.It is best to use a special glass cleaner, and to be dry after the proof of no stain before installation, installation is best to use clean building gloves.

3. For the installation of glass, silicone sealant shall be used for fixing. In the installation of Windows, it shall also be used with rubber sealant.

4, after the completion of construction, pay attention to the anti-collision warning signs, generally can be used to do not stick, color electrical tape and other tips.

5. Do not collide with sharp objects.

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