High Grade Clear Crystal Global Trophy

High Grade Clear Crystal Global Trophy

High Grade Clear Crystal Global Trophy Wholesale cheap custom globe ball award crystal glass trophy with engraved logo. Crystal Trophy Award For The Best Employee The Best Team Company Annual Meeting Special Trophy Price Best individual of the year

Product Details

Product Introduction

Crystal and Glass
3.product name
High Grade Clear Crystal Global Trophy
4. Package:
10pcs/box Safe and nice.
5. Quality:
Each one will be under strict quality control.  
6. Delivery time:
5~30 days, much depends on the quantity you order.  
7. Sample supply:
If you need samples, we certainly will supply you that. But you need to pay for the sample cost and freight cost.
8. Sample time:
Usually, samples will be sent out in 2 days after get sample cost payment. And if you let us use your DHL or Fedex account.
Your design also will be accepted,At beginning, we accpet small orders, then you will have a good chance to know much more about our quality and service. All we want is that our good quality and service will help you to get more clients and more orders.


About Us

New Sanhe Crystal Crafts Co., Ltd., the original is New Sanhe Crystal Craft factory. In March 2005, the state administration for industry and commerce approved the establishment. in September 2013, the name was changed into the New Sanhe Crystal Crafts Co., Ltd.


Q: What’s the MOQ of crystal crafts?

A: 10 pcs for per design, and the sample order is acceptable, For sample order, u need to pay three times unit price, the extra fee can be deducted in the later order.

Q:How about the quality of your products and the after-sales service?

A: Heavy inquiries witness the quality of our crystal products ,Our crystal products are of Japanese and Korean quality. and whether it’s a list or not, we treat every customer with more enthusiasm and patience

(1). Crystal is a crystal with a high hardness (Mohs grade 7), while glass has a low hardness (Mohs 5.5), crystal can mark on the glass, and vice versa.

(2). Crystal is a crystalline body with good thermal conductivity, and it feels cold with the tip of the tongue. The glass looks warm.

(3). Different from the polarizer, the crystal can transmit light, but the glass can't.

(4). The high-quality crystal looks bright and clear, with no small bubbles and no water marks inside, so it is expensive. Therefore, the quality level of the crystal and the price are very relevant.

5. Different processing technology Glass can be hot-casted, saving materials and labor, and low cost. Crystal is a crystal, which cannot be reversed after heating and melting. Therefore, it cannot be used in the hot casting method, and only cold working such as cutting or grinding can be used.

Identification of crystal and glass

1. Wipe or wash the crystal crafts to be identified. After drying, use the tip of the tongue to touch the crafts. If there is a cold feeling, it is a crystal product. If it is warm, it is a glass. During the test, try not to take the sample by hand or place the sample near the heat source (in the sun, near the stove) to avoid an error in the temperature of the sample.

2. The crafts are observed with a magnifying glass. In the interior of the glass, there are often swirling or curved curved lines caused by uneven melting, and there is absolutely no crystal. In addition, there are often many bubbles in the glass, and there are few crystals.

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