Big Size Crystal Cube Trophy

Big Size Crystal Cube Trophy

Product Details

Big Size Crystal Cube Trophy  

Product Type
Big Size Crystal Cube Trophy  
Main Material
High Quality  K9 Crystal Material
also Can be customized as your' request.
Place of Origin
Pujiang County , Zhejiang PRO.(Mainland)
Blue/Green/Clear coloring crystal blank trophy


 Factory profile:

We are the best quality crystal arts and crafts manufacturer in China.  including equipment for three dimensional drawing, packing, plating, computer carving, pressing, drilling and printing is located in Pujiang. There are more than 10000 products available, with high quality, novel designs and elegant appearances.

These items are the best choice for gifts at opening celebrations ,souvenirs, and household decorations. We are confident that you will be fully satisfied with our way of doing business and excellent of the quality of our products including reasonable price. We are proud of our high quality and technology 

Crystal is a grade of color, which affects the price of the crystal.  

(5) Check with a polarizer: 360 degrees under the polarizer is a natural crystal with four dark and four dark changes, and no change is a fake crystal.

(6) Check with two colors: natural amethyst has dichroism, and fake crystal has no dichroism.

(7) Check with a magnifying glass: Under the transmitted light with a ten-fold magnifying glass, the bubble can be found as a fake crystal.

(8) Check with hair: only for round crystal balls. Put the crystal ball on a hairline, and the human eye can see the double shadow of the hair through the crystal, it is a crystal ball. Mainly because the crystal is birefringent. However, this does not distinguish between natural crystals, crystals and smelting crystals. Only distinguish other substances such as glass.


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