Crystal Trophy

Crystal trophy is actually a symbol of noble purity, with it to do the award to the outstanding people is the best. Production process a total of: material selection, opening, blanking, rough polishing, fine polishing, punching, color plating, carving, sandblasting, viscose, quality control, packaging

Product Details

Crystal trophy properties

Category: trophy

Material :K9 crystal/artificial crystal

Shape: geometric

Process: cutting, polishing, carving, sandblasting, color printing

Applicable place: office, home, hotel/restaurant, entertainment place, government office, shopping mall, auditorium, exhibition hall, school, etc

Source: artificial

Printed LOGO: yes

Packaging: default case

Specification (length * width * height): make by drawing and sample

Net weight: various

Usage: advertising promotion, conference celebration, office benefits, business public relations, thank customers, festival celebration, housewarming, graduation, stationery, memorial collection, etc

Whether to provide processing customization: yes


Material selected from level 1 K9 crystal, crystal trophy, diverse styles of exquisite workmanship, quality excellent, can print company LOGO and design, free lettering and size can be customized, can be used for advertising companies, gift companies, and award certificate, authorization card, joining, games prizes, awards prizes, souvenirs, company sign, the commendation meeting, employee recognition, a prize, etc., 3ED57A597BEBE785C809E16D28314055

Crystal has special beauty and charm, people took a lot of interesting names for it, such as water jade, water essence, jade ying, quartz, crystal jade, bodhisattva stone, light stone, glasses stone, millennium ice and so on.In England, the name of crystal is "Crystal", which means crystal, crystal, transparent thing.But to be precise, the crystal is crystalline, transparent quartz, its chemical composition is silicon dioxide



Natural crystal and artificial crystal

(1) the color distribution of natural amethyst is uneven, with irregular patchy distribution and gas-liquid inclusion;The synthetic amethyst is uniform in color and has a subcrystalline nucleus in the center.

(2) natural crystal and topaz and smoke crystal color, if it is blue orange yellow, it is through artificial color.The difference between color-changing crystal and natural crystal is that the color of the color-changing crystal is bright and uniform, in which you cannot see the irregular patchy color group.Manual color crystal printing after use for a longer time will slowly fade, lose the decorative and appreciation value.

(3) toward the sun observation, natural crystal adorn article no matter how advanced, can see faint even fine horizontal grain or willow catkin grain, and false crystal adorn article is to use inferior crystal slag or glass to melt to be recycled commonly, classics polish coloring is imitates and become, opposite sunshine cannot see even stripe and willow catkin grain.pack-a


Q2: What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

A:size of the products (Length x Width x Height)

material and surface handling (We could advise if you’re not sure)

printing colors (could quote 4C if you’re not sure)


FOB price is our usual price term, if you need CIF price, please let us know your port of destination.

If it is possible, please also provide with pictures or design sketch for checking. Samples will be best for clarifying. If not, we will recommend relevant products with details for reference.

Glue to save

Shadowless glue is a kind of light curing glue, so you must not expose the glue before you use it. Use a black bottle when packing, and cover the bottle after each use.Glue contains a certain amount of harmful ingredients, so after each use, please use hand sanitizer and glue to clean the contact area.Keep in a dark place. Keep out of reach of children.Above for zhejiang huacheng crystal handicraft factory to provide how to preserve the crystal film and crystal glue method

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