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Glass Ball Creat Crystal Trophy Sport Trophy Wholesale Crystal awards ball trophy and business gifts Pujiang Crystal ball souvenir glass crystal trophy Ball awards
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MATERIALCrystal glass
ORDERSmall order or Sample order is welcome

The Safe Package is 1PC in inner box with foam inside, then into carton box, Shape and color can be customized.

QUALITYEvery piece of our products will be checked by our QC dept
SERVIVEODM/OEM is available 
PRICEThe price depends on the quantity

Crystal is divided into two kinds
, one is natural crystal, one is artificial crystal (also known as K9)

Talking about crystal, let a person first think of is clear crystal. In the fairy tale, the glass slipper helps Cinderella win the prince's favor;In reality, crystals turn ordinary stones into priceless treasures.

In recent years, in the dazzling gem such as all sorts of tourmaline, aquamarine all the time in the humble gem -- crystal, now the value also begins to climb steadily.Crystal collection popular at home and abroad crystal and pearls, agate, jade, known as China's "traditional four treasures ", in ancient times, crystal was known as" water jade ", known as the world's purest thing.In addition, through the ages, people have given crystal many beautiful fairy tales, so crystal crafts



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