Gold Building Crystal Gift

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Product Parameter (Specification)

New Sanhe Crystal

Description: the inner is clear crystal, the gold or silver metal plated


Crystal Building Model Gifts with Gold and Silver Plated


K9 Crystal and metal




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Antenna glass

A Japanese company has developed a window glass with a thin inner layer that gives a clearer picture to indoor television sets.

Thin glass

German scientists have created an ultra-thin glass as thin as 0.003mm thick for use in optoelectronics, biosensors, computer displays and other modern technologies.

Tempering glass

A British company has developed thermochromic thermotropic glass called cloud gel, a synthetic glass with a plastic film on both sides and a polymer water-coloured solvent sandwiched between them.It is transparent in the low temperature environment and absorbs the heat energy of sunlight. When the ambient temperature rises, it turns into an opaque white cloud color and blocks the heat energy of sunlight, thus effectively regulating the indoor temperature.

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