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crystal clock desk
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New Sanhe Crystal

crystal clock souvenirs


Crystal Desk Clock with LED light and 3D laser Image Crystal


High Grade A K9 Crystal and Plastic base


Souvenir, Business Gift, Home Decoration, Holiday Gifts, Art & Collection


Sandblasting,polished,2/3D laser engraving,carving, 

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Many countries in the world have crystal, of which the Brazilian crystal is the most famous.China's lianyungang city donghai county is known as the "crystal town", mineral crystal area of 1280 square kilometers, the storage capacity of about 5 million tons, the east China sea crystal accounted for the national crystal storage capacity of 50%-60%, reserves, quality are the first.Known as "China's first crystal town", baoying county, yangzhou, xi 'an fengzhen, in recent years is developing rapidly, the local well-known enterprises: shun yuan crystal crafts company and other enterprises annual sales of more than 300 million.Crystal is divided into white crystal/amethyst/amethyst/topaz/tea topaz/tea crystal/ink crystal/powder crystal, products are mainly made into crystal jewelry.

The occurrence and development of the glass art according to the archaeological data, Chinese origin in the spring and autumn period and the warring states period more glass bead choi for inception, although the history of the seas, sun yat-sen, is the earliest recorded glass, such as the name "Qiu Lin, coloured glaze, choi ryukyu" and so on, but it is from the western han dynasty when introduced from abroad is more elegant glass apparatus, to more than a name called "glass", after the song dynasty made of low temperature color glazed pottery tiles called "glazed tile", so that the glass and glass mix according to situation to hang over till qing dynasty, kangxi years court office building in the manufacturing of glazed tile regional said "liulichang", to make glass place called "glass", butThroughout history, the charm of "coloured glass" is more in line with the Chinese description of glass

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