Crystal Glass Clock

Crystal Desk Clock with LED light and 3D laser Image Crystal. the image and the text of gold plated, which can be customized,
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New Sanhe Crystal

Crystal Clock with Colorful base, LED light, and three batteries in the plastic base, light can be colorful, and the gold metal plated


crystal glass clock with LED light and 3D laser Image Crystal


High Grade A K9 Crystal and Plastic base



the crystal cube(the size is 90*50*120mm)

the clock(size is 35*35*8mm)

the black plastic base(the size is 105*65*35mm, the inner is three batteries, which is LED light of colorful)


China has a long history of glass manufacturing.In history, the name of glass products is very inconsistent, there have been many names, and at the same time there were many names coexist.After the emergence of glass, had a long term to coloured glaze word to call it.However, in addition to glass, the word "coloured glaze" also refers to natural jade and artificial building components.750.750

Because of the particularity of crystal, crystal since ancient times has been the fine material that people make all sorts of craft act the role of article.Various crystal crafts jewelry we are familiar with crystal necklace, crystal bracelet, crystal pendant, crystal bracelet, crystal mobile phone pendant and so on.

Folded crystal image

Crystal image is actually the selection of pure crystal materials, the use of modern digital technology and optics, chemical technology, the formation of color vivid color image in the inner layer of the crystal, and then after the superb technician on the surface of the crystal shaping grinding, polishing and many other processes refined.It is the perfect combination of high technology and exquisite craftsmanship, fashion charm and individuality.

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