Crystal Sunburst Metal Clock

crystal clock desk,
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New Sanhe Crystal

crystal clock souvenirs


crystal sunburst metal clock


High Grade A K9 Crystal and Plastic base


Souvenir, Business Gift, Home Decoration, Holiday Gifts, Art & Collection


Sandblasting,polished,2/3D laser engraving,carving, 

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The two typical styles in early Chinese glass art -- glass wall and glass sword ornaments were moulded and pressed in the manufacturing process.from the technical point of view, the ancient Chinese glass art should have great development space in terms of shape and function.However, as the imitation of jade with glass has been the main purpose of early glass manufacturing, and its practical turn has not been sustained, the ancient Chinese glass art has been in a non-mainstream position in the art field.It can be seen that the development of an art form does not simply depend on technical factors, but on the positioning of materials, the purpose of production, the tradition of aesthetics and other factors.