Decoration Crystal Glass Clock

decoration crystal glass clock, which can be customized, so if u want to custom them, Just share me ur minds and designs, then i can give u a proper quotation ASAP

Product Details

New Sanhe Crystal

decoration crystal glass clock


Crystal Desk Clock with LED light and 3D laser Image Crystal


High Grade A K9 Crystal and Plastic base


Awards, Gifts, Souvenirs Gifts


Sandblasting,polished,2/3D laser engraving,carving, ,

With logo and text sandblasting/etched/2D 3D laser engraving,UV printing, as business gifts,corporate gifts,souvenir gifts,company gifts,wedding gifts,holiday gifts,and so on


In contemporary household life, the crystal handicraft of bright and dazzing, with its peculiar vogue and decorous expression are special passion and artistic grade, from ancient till now receive love deeply.Time overflows color, glittering and translucent get rid of is to its gorgeous description.An exquisite crystal handicraft relies on the wonderful thought that contains among them and complex manual craft, be loved by the personage place of numerous love art.

Reasons for the formation

Crystal is a colorless transparent quartz Crystal mineral.Crystal crystal is a hexagonal system, often hexagonal prismatic, the column for a tip or two tips, a number of long columns linked together, known as crystal family, beautiful and spectacular.

Crystal crafts

The formation of crystal must first have enough production space, generally grow in caves, rock cracks or joint faults;

Second, it needs two to three times the atmospheric pressure and a high temperature above 570℃;

Third, an abundant, silicon-rich hydrothermal solution is required to crystallize.

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