New Crystal Award Cup

We are a professional manufacturer engaged in crystal crafts with 13 years. It's that all kinds of crystal Crafts we can manufacture, yeah, it's right that all kinds of crystal crafts.It means that we can manufacture every crystal crafts which u want to custom with high quality. And our products are of Japanese and Korean quality.

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New Sanhe Crystal



New Design Crystal Cup Award Cup


Awards, Gifts, 



Delivery Time

7 days after receiving deposit generally, according to the quantity

And if u have free time , u can have a talk with me,  just having a talk is okay, may we can be friends first. then if u have the interests to know about more details of crystal crafts, welcome to write to us ,talk to me with your requests, quantity, size, shape and others. I will give u a accurate solution and most favorable price to u.

Holographic glass

Holographic diffract glass, developed by a team of Researchers in Boston, concentrates certain colours of light in selected directions.Windows with this glass break down natural light into spectral combinations and shoot it up to the ceiling to reflect it all over the room. Even in rooms without Windows, sunlight can be "picked up" from the reflective walls through ventilation ducts and diffused through holes into the ceiling.

Tempering glass

A British company has developed thermochromic thermotropic glass called cloud gel, a synthetic glass with a plastic film on both sides and a polymer water-coloured solvent sandwiched between them.It is transparent in the low temperature environment and absorbs the heat energy of sunlight. When the ambient temperature rises, it turns into an opaque white cloud color and blocks the heat energy of sunlight, thus effectively regulating the indoor temperature.

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