Crystal Gifts With Image Printing

Charming Bevel Crystal Heart Image Pets Memory Gifts Wholesale Hand Carved Beautiful Natural Crystal Decoration Gift Letters and Bird Cube glass crystal paperweight, office supply, home decoration

Product Details

New Sanhe Crystal

Description, printing picture, custom logo and text


Crystal Gifts with Image Printing For Souvenir Gifts


OEM/ODM, can be customized

Gifts Engraving Rose Flowers Image Glass Crystal 3D Laser Crystal Cube for Valentine's Day and Wedding Gifts 

Wholesale transparent K9 blank Character image crystal 3D laser engraving cubes  gifts

Letters and Bird Cube glass crystal paperweight,  or business corporation Souvenirs gift ornament

Wholesale Crystal Rose Image Wedding Favors Elegant Crystal Wedding Souvenirs For Guests Takeaways gifts

Packaging Details

Engraved Crystal Decoration Cartoon Gifts 3D Image Crystal Cube For Kids Birthday Packaging Details 
1: gift box/safe box 
2: standard export carton for outer packing 
If you have special requirements, we will be glad to meet your needs

Contaminated discolored glass

A color-changing glass for detecting pollution has been developed by the Air Pollution Observation Laboratory in California, USA.This kind of glass can change its color when polluted by polluted gas, such as turning green when polluted by acidic gas, turning yellow and gray when polluted by amine-containing gas, etc. It will have a wide range of USES for pollution detection and marking materials.

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