Crystal Glass Liuli Trophy

Crystal Glass Liuli Trophy
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New Sanhe Crystal

Description, resin material, and crystal base


Crystal Glass Liuli Trophy


High Grade A K9 Crystal and Glaze(Resin) Material

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2, manual production of pressure molding material: there is no color light, it is white light, and look carefully, the reflection inside the crystal is slightly yellowish or light green. Point the product to the place where the light is strong. You can see through the crystal that there are wavy stripes in the crystal. On each side of the crystal surface, except for the edge, the middle is basically flat. When it comes to the edge, it is a bit of a collapse. The line between the two faces is a bit clear.

3, good materials all handmade: it looks a little colored light, but not very strong. The reflection inside the crystal is pure white. Look at the product in the strong light, you can see through the crystal, you can't see any stripes in the crystal. Looking at each face of the crystal surface, the middle is essentially flat except for the edges. When it comes to the edge, it is a bit of a collapse. The diameter between the two faces is a bit clear.


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