Crystal Liuli Heart Trophy

Crystal Liuli Heart Trophy
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New Sanhe Crystal

Description, resin material, and crystal base


Crystal Liuli Heart Trophy


High Grade A K9 Crystal and Glaze(Resin) Material

The first point of experience, useful for key corporate gifts, Americans call special advertising, is the most direct advertising for advertising promotion, brand communication, and corporate image. The right gift not only expresses the mind, but also allows the other party to accept the advertisement unconsciously, and achieve the promotion or promotion effect, which really makes many merchants favor. So, what kind of gifts will not be thrown into the utility room? Gift experts believe that if the gift is very practical, customers will often think of the company that gives the gift. According to the survey, office supplies printed with corporate logos are the most popular gifts. In addition, trendy and practical gifts are also highly regarded. Gifts should be seen or used frequently. Don't let people take a look and throw them aside or simply throw them away. This will not result in any advertising promotion.


Q: What’s the MOQ of crystal crafts?

A: 10 pcs for per design, and the sample order is acceptable, For sample order, u need to pay three times unit price, the extra fee can be deducted in the later order.

Q: What engraving techniques have your company mastered?

A: Three types of engraving techniques, including 2/3D laser engraving, color printing and sandblasting etching engraving.


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