Mosaic Crystal Medal

We are a professional manufacturer engaged in crystal crafts. We have more than 13 years experience for making all kinds of crystal crafts. yeah, it's right that all kinds of crystal crafts. It means that we can manufacture every crystal crafts which u want to custom with high quality. And our products are of Japanese and Korean quality.

Product Details

New Sanhe Crystal

Description, crystal blank trophy with new design, free for logo and text  


New Design Mosaic Crystal Trophy and Medal


Custom,Mosaic Crystal Medal





Quality assurance

Better quality and best service

Q: How about the quality of your products and the after-sales service?

A: Heavy inquiries witness the quality of our crystal products ,Our crystal products are of Japanese and Korean quality. and whether it’s a list or not, we treat every customer with more enthusiasm and patience.



The Meaning of  Crystal

Colorless crystal: represents pure, selfless.Can enhance the aura of people, drive away the miscellaneous thoughts.

Purple crystal: represents romance and marriage.The color is noble.

Yellow crystal: represents wealth and fortune.

Tawny crystal: steady and safe.

Green crystal: justice and development.

Green ghost crystal: on behalf of wealth, business.

White ghost crystal: represents purity, for spiritual.

Red ghost crystal: on behalf of business development and prosperity.

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