Gold Metal Stars Trophy

The Gold Metal Stars Trophy is a great option when you want to recognize outstanding performers, large contributors or donors, or need to commemorate a person that is special to your organization. This clear optic crystal award is a powerful acknowledgement of your appreciation to a person that is vital to your organization's success
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Gold Metal Stars Trophy

Item No.Gold Metal Stars Trophy
MaterialZinc alloy,copper,metal
Material StandardCommon/environmentally-friendly(lead free,nickle free,etc.)
Plating ColorCan be silver antique,brass,gold,gun,white,etc. As your request.

We produce all kinds of crystal products, such as the crystal trophies.

Thanks to the dedication and innovation of our great team, we have grown into the leading award-making company domestically. They are the Philippines designers, energetic sculpter, skillful moulding technician, hard-working employees, nice salesperson and kind & considerate customer-service girls. Up until now, we have succefully developed and manufactured a series of classic products, which were under domestic and international Patents. Inspired by the world famous Awards, we equipped our products with esthetics and mechanics, so as to make the award a perfect combination of honor & art.


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