Metal Key Trophy

Quality Control: 1). Preproduction samples will be available before the production 2). The production will be process by both machine and skilled handmade workers 3). The extra pieces will be ready as backup products 4). The products will be double checked before the packing
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Description:Metal Key Trophy
Material: gold&silver&copper metal, Crystal
Technique:cut, grind, polish, laser engrave
Production:OEM and ODM
Payment term:TT 50% deposit in advance , the balance is paid before delivery
Shipping method:By express, By air, By sea according to your request. 
Supply ability:5000pcs/month 

We have more than 14 years experience for making all kinds of crystal Crafts

trophy and medal/ Poly Resin Trophy/ 3d laser crystal/ crystal metal trophy and so on.


Crystal is hexagonal conical transparent crystals, crystal such as water, colorful, different shapes, it is because of the appearance of smooth, transparent interior, clear water and named.Good crystal in clear water, only see the water and do not see crystal.Crystal is second only to diamond in hardness;Crystal shows cool sex, its cool degree and other stone kind are disparate, the crystal expert that has experience, want to use tongue tip only one lick can know its true and false.Crystals have many unique properties in health care.Ming dynasty great medical scientist li shizhen in his "compendium of materia medica" book records: crystal "xin han non-toxic", attending to "the heart is hot, set his mind at ease clear eyes.新三禾第二版 (9-1)

If oil stains or handprints are left on the crystal vessels, wash them with lukewarm soapy water and rinse them with clean water.To avoid repeated cleaning in hot water or cleaning kit.There are cut crystal ornaments, cut parts can be gently cleaned with a toothbrush, if there is not easy to wash out the stains, you can cut the lemon with some salt, gently scrub.Use a few drops of vinegar with salt.If be in store when putting crystal vase, put on shelf upper berth mat cloth beforehand, crystal vase is put in sealed vitreous ark or display case inside, in order to reduce the opportunity that crystal surface accumulates dust, also can reduce manual contact, avoid to cause damage.