Metal Leaf Crystal Medal

High Quality Customize Sport Crystal Metal Trophy award sports Trophies, New design
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Product Details

Item name:Metal Leaf Crystal Medal
Material:Zinc alloy, aluminium, brass, stainless steel, iron, nickle...ect.
Size:Based on customzied.
Weight:Based on customzied.
Process:Stamped / Die casting.
Plating color:Gold,antique bronze,brone,matt gold,matt silver,antique
Shipment:By sea, by air, by express depend on your require.

1. Ability to collect and integrate data and plan

The importance of network marketing in the development of the Internet, for enterprises has become an indispensable link, want to become a qualified network marketing personnel must have the following nine abilities:

A good project needs a planning period, good planning is an important step of network marketing.Of course, planning is inseparable from the collection and integration of data.Comprehensive data collection is the basis for integration.This is a huge asset in the work of Internet marketing effectiveness.


A. the process of filling and drilling the photo frame includes the following steps :

(1) select the crystal glass and choose the corresponding crystal glass as the material for making the crystal frame according to the requirements of different customers;

(2) crystal glass cutting, using cutting equipment to cut the crystal glass into the set crystal phase frame;

(3) crystal glass washing mirror, grinding the crystal phase frame cut in step (2), and cleaning the dust;