Crystal Dancing Award Trophy

Crystal Dancing Award Trophy Trophy Awards. Our main products are crystal trophy and craftwork, metal trophy and craftwork, resin trophy and craftwork,

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Crystal Dancing Award TrophyTrophy Awards


High Grade A K9 Crystal



 We carry several styles of awards including Optic Crystal Towers, Obelisks, Glass Awards, Plaques, Crystal Vases, Bowls, Trophy Cups, Globe Awards, Executive Gifts, Photo Frames, Glass Drinkware, Paperweights, Clocks, Pen Sets, Office Desk Accessories, and more! All of our products will be personalized with a deep etch sandblasting, laser engraving, or color imprinting method. 


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4. Specific gravity: The specific gravity of the crystal is 2.56-2.66 g/cm 3 . The weight of the same volume of crystal is 2.56-2.66 times the weight of the same volume of water, and the density of the block variant crystal may be slightly higher.

5, streaks: colorless. The color of mineral powder is called streaks. It can eliminate false colors, weaken the color, and retain the self-color, which is one of the more reliable identification features than the color of minerals.

6. Transparency: transparent and translucent. The degree of light transmission of minerals is called transparency. The crystal's transparent standard is that when light passes through crystal fragments or sheets with a thickness of 1 cm or more, the reflected image can be clearly seen. If the bottom image is not clear enough, only the outline, that is translucent.

7, gloss: glass luster. Gloss is the ability of a mineral surface to reflect light. Observe the luster of the crystal, hold it with your hand, and see the surface reflection by the light projected from the light or window. The brightness of the transparent crystal is related to the gloss.

8. Refractive index: The refractive index of crystal is 1.544-1.553, which hardly exceeds this range. The refractive index refers to the ratio of the sine of the incident angle to the sine of the angle of refraction when the light penetrates into the gemstone crystal from the air and produces a phenomenon of refraction.

9, the melting point of crystal: the melting point of crystal is 1713 degrees Celsius.

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