Glass Music Award Trophy

Glass Music Award Trophy

Crystal Microphone Trophy Crystal Music Trophy. Our main products are crystal trophy and craftwork, metal trophy and craftwork, resin trophy and craftwork,
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New Sanhe Crystal

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Crystal Microphone Trophy  


High Grade A K9 Crystal



The difference between crystal and glass The appearance of crystal and glass is very similar, but it is two completely different substances. The main differences are as follows:

1. Material Different crystals are crystals of silica, and glass is only a molten state mixture containing silica.

2. The effect of different glasses is only decorative, and the crystal has a piezoelectric effect in addition to the decorative effect, which has special health effects.

3. The price of different crystals is several times or even several times higher than that of glass.

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The physical and chemical properties of crystal

1. Hardness: It is Mohs 7, which is equivalent to the hardness of steel shovel, which makes the gemstones such as crisp and fragile topaz, diamond, opal, emerald and so on.

2, cleavage: no. The so-called cleavage refers to the fact that when a mineral is struck, it often cracks regularly in a certain direction to form a smooth plane. According to the complete degree of cleavage, it can be divided into five categories: extremely complete cleavage, complete cleavage, medium cleavage, incomplete cleavage and no cleavage, and crystal is unclear.

3, fracture: shell-like. The fracture is also called a breach. It refers to the irregular cracking of the mineral after being hit, and the rugged surface is called the fracture. According to the shape of the fracture, it can be divided into: shell shape and jagged shape.