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Color sailboat shape trophy

China made trophy

Crystal army medal

Color engrave medal

Engrave  medal

Color trophy

Fan shaped crystal award

Blue award

Crystal pillars trophy

custom and engrave crystal

Crystal gold  five star trophy

glass block

blank crystal cube

Crystal eagle shape trophy

Color glass crystal trophy

crystal iceberg shape trophy

plaque crystal trophy

color crystal trophy

crystal thumb up trophy

Crystal trophy custom can be engraved and printed, today do not talk about anything else, just want to talk about the crystal trophy custom printing process?

There are four main types of crystal trophy lettering: the color can be printed on the trophy by color printing, internal carving, sand blasting and laser engraving.

The operation method of the crystal trophy engraving: 1. Perform fine polishing and edging. 2, and then make the inner carving template. 3. Put it into the engraving machine for engraving.

Operation method of crystal medal color printing: 1. Select the appropriate material. 2. Draw the pattern you want to print. 3. Scan up with the ink pattern.

Operation method of crystal trophy sand blasting: 1. Surface cleaning, painting, cooking, gold plating, peeling of plating film. 2, pear land (before gold plating, before welding, before painting, before treatment, eliminating scratches, rough surface, etching process). 3, for glass, stone, plastic, etc. with sandblasting to engrave the text.


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