Gold Hand Crystal Trophy

Gold Hand Crystal Trophy for music event,
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Gold Hand Crystal Trophy for music event


High Grade A K9 Crystal





Cheap crystal trophy star shape crystal trophy for competition or company award ceremony. Factory Directly Sell Round Shape Crystal Trophy for Souvenir,heart star shape special design resin crystal trophy for best employee award/graduation /sport Champion souvenir gifts 2019,  newest design special shape crystal award trophy,Special shape creative lettering customized annual meeting awarding contest souvenir crystal trophy.

The quality of the glue may be due to the insufficient adhesion of the glue to the crystal or the soft film on the transfer picture, or the shrinkage of the glue is too large, or the rigidity of the glue is too strong and not so flexible that the phenomenon of snowflakes occurs after a period of time. . The shadowless glue used in crystal images is almost all anaerobic shadowless glue, and such glues are usually very jealous of moisture (different glues are sensitive to moisture). This is also the root cause of the easy occurrence of snowflakes in rainy days or other wet days. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the film fully dry. Generally, before transfer, it is necessary to perform hot air drying on the film and crystal surface on which the graphic is printed. The fully dried film should not be printed with fingerprints. The glue should be sealed as much as possible after use to prevent the moisture in the air from entering the glue and causing the quality change.