A process for making a crystal phase frame

- Jul 31, 2019-

A. The production process of filling diamond photo frame includes the following steps :

(1) select crystal glass;

(2) crystal glass cutting;

(3) crystal glass washing mirror;

(4) hand glue of crystal glass;

(5) adhesion of crystal glass sheets;

(6) filling diamonds;

B. Engraving and sticking diamond photo frame production process includes the following steps: 

<1>, select crystal glass

;<2>, crystal glass cutting;

<3>, crystal glass polishing;

<4>, carved crystal glass;

<5>, crystal glass washing mirror;

<6>, sticky drill;

<7>, adhesive;

<8>, insert back plate.

Its simple structure, easy to use, simple and beautiful appearance, has a certain collection significance and observation value, simple production, exquisite production process, saving raw materials, wide range of application, long service life.