Application of screen printing in crystal craft

- Aug 12, 2019-

Crystal refers to natural quartz crystal.Pure crystal, very beautiful, hexagonal columnar crystals, clean, colorless, shiny, and can reflect colors in the sun.If there are impurities, it will have color, such as the famous topaz, amethyst, etc.The large crystal is not much, but the natural, as a general rule, be artificial, adopting colorless quartz formed a transparent single crystal when heated to 2000 ℃, through cutting, grinding and other methods to make all kinds of advanced arts and crafts, lenses, etc., though made of crystal products have high temperature resistant, wear resistant and susceptible to acid and alkali corrosion, such as performance, but its high cost, low machining efficiency, and the "crystal arts and crafts" in real life is with organic glass, crystal transparent resin glue and other plastic products processing, the imitated crystal plastic transparency is very good, looks like crystal, makes it easy to processing of raw materials

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