Artificial Grown Quartz Crystals K9 Crystal

- Apr 09, 2019-

Artificial grown quartz crystals.Quartz dissolves in alkaline solution under high pressure.The crystal structure is relatively complete, containing twins, holes and less inclusions.The quartz crystal can be grown from the solution of sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate.Synthesis pressure 16.5 MPa, the temperature is 400 ℃.At (001) basal surface growth rate 1.27 m/ d.Mainly used in electronic industry, ultrasonic generator, optical instruments and analytical instruments.Artificial crystal namely high lead glass, or call lead crystal qualitative glass, add 24% lead oxide in common glass namely (composition is silicon dioxide), can get brightness and diaptre and natural crystal are similar artificial crystal.

The artificial crystal is the raw material quartz sand after a series of working procedure refinement, again passes through the fine cutting technology and without the flaw polishing time manufacture but becomes, the artificial crystal is pure and transparent, has made up the natural crystal the insufficiency.

Artificial crystals add metallic elements such as lead to enhance the refraction of light, making the crystal more noble.As a result of artificial crystal multifarious working procedure, the craft is superb, some price even more expensive than the natural crystal