Classification of automobile glass

- Jul 06, 2020-

Classification of automobile glass

Car laminated glass

Laminated glass refers to the use of a transparent adhesive plastic film between the two or three layers of glass, the strength of the plastic and the hardness of the glass together, increase the glass resistance to breaking ability, broken still can maintain visibility.Used for car windshield.

Toughened glass for car area

Zone toughened glass is a new kind of tempered glass. After special treatment, it can maintain a certain clarity when it is cracked by impact, so that the driver's visual field area is not affected.It is mainly used for car windshield and instrument protection screen.

There are five kinds of fireproof glass, one is laminated composite fireproof glass, the other is filamentous fireproof glass, the third is special fireproof glass, the fourth is hollow fireproof glass, the fifth is high strength single cesium potassium fireproof glass.Of course, science and technology are constantly developing, so relevant aspects are also constantly improving. The utility of different types of glass is different, so its related production technology and use are different, which requires us to carefully consider and analyze