Classification of building glass

- Jul 06, 2020-

Features editor

Depending on the type, glass has different properties.The following classification methods of architectural glass are introduced as follows:

The lens

1. Good perspective and light transmission performance (visible light transmission ratios of 3mm and 5mm lens glasses are 87% and 84% respectively).The transmittance of the near infrared thermal rays in sunlight is higher, but the far infrared long wave thermal rays reflected by the visible light refraction to the interior walls and floors, furniture and fabrics are effectively blocked, so the obvious "greenhouse effect" can be produced.The transmittance of clean glass to ultraviolet ray in sunlight is low.

2. Sound insulation and certain thermal insulation performance;

3. The tensile strength is far less than the compressive strength, which is a typical brittle material;

4. High chemical stability. Generally, it is resistant to acid, alkali, salt and chemical kit gases.

5, poor thermal stability, very hot and cold prone to cracking.