contemporary glass art beyond craftsmanship

- Sep 17, 2019-

As a special artistic creation material, glass is favored by more and more artists. Its unique charm is incomparable to other materials. Its diversity and contingency provide infinite possibilities for the shaping of its spatial form.Different tenses and Spaces have given rise to different art forms and schools. Like many other artistic creations, glass art has gone through a long process from pursuing functionalization to technicalization and then to artistic creation.In this paper, following the history of the development of technology, the glass art creation in different historical periods and different cultural backgrounds is analyzed and summarized.The history of glass creation from the very beginning is a history that transcends craftsmanship.In terms of materials after a series of functions, from art to the changes of the art, glass art to the variety and diversity, has increasingly become the mainstream of contemporary art in art today, contemporary glass artists have shaken off the shackles of material and love of skills, glass has become artists free express feelings and ideas of new art carrier.AT156