crystal check with thermal conductivity meter

- Nov 26, 2019-

The material that makes crystal perfume bottle has: vitreous makings, K9 makings, press form makings to wait.

(9) check with thermal conductivity meter: adjust the thermal conductivity meter to green 4 grids for testing gem, natural crystal can rise to yellow 2 grids, while fake crystal will not rise, when the area is large, it will rise to yellow 1 lattice.

Generally speaking, the earlier the perfume bottle is produced, the more valuable it is for collection and appreciation.Such as the lalik-style glass perfume bottle (1st century BC), which was quite luxurious at that time, like the liquid in the bottle.There are also blown amethyst bottles (50-150 AD) and blown glass jars moulded in the 1st century AD.From them, we can feel the real "lasting fragrance."


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