Crystal commemorative card

- Dec 14, 2018-

The crystal commemorative card belongs to a kind of crystal products. The brands are various in shape, shaped, square, rectangular, round and so on. Engraving or coloring characters and patterns on the sign, the engraving can be divided into inner or outer engraving, or screen printing or thermal transfer. Crystal commemorative cards are generally placed on the table, suitable for various evaluation activities or celebrations, etc., or as a personal birthday or wedding souvenir. In recent years, crystals have been made into souvenirs, which are popular in the market. Because crystal can bring us unlimited imagination, so many people like crystal, but because the price of natural crystal is too expensive, many people are obsessed with painstaking love, and the emergence of artificial crystal brings new dawn to these people, artificial Crystal can also have the same decorative effect as natural crystal.

[Material]: High specification K9 crystal material

[Quality]: Advanced polishing, crystal clear, no ice in the inside, no damage outside.

[Issuance occasion]: opening ceremony; corporate meeting to remember; major competitions;

School Anniversary, Friendship Association, Alumni Association, etc.

You can also give it to your loved ones, friends, employees, leaders, etc. as a special memory.

1: All product quality assurance is made of crystal K9 first grade material. Finely crafted, exquisite workmanship and fashionable style.

2: All products can be customized according to customer's own requirements, model specifications.