Crystal Crafts-Crystal Clock Gifts

- Jun 13, 2019-

Crystal, there are natural and man-made two kinds of distinction, natural crystal, because of its composition and color complex and diverse, at the same time.It has a lot of scum inside, and it's not easy to choose the materials, and when it comes to the finished product, a lot of it comes in the form of crystal ornaments.We usually said crystal handicraft, refers to the production and processing of artificial crystal, artificial crystal is the art of life, this is too much, it can provide you with personalized custom all kinds of crystal products and handicraft, after the designer's elaborate design, different shapes, image and spectacular in individual crystal products, reveals the artistic elements, in the feast for the eyes at the same time, more is the creation of art!

1.The name of this design product: crystal trophy.

2.Use of the design products: the design products used as trophies or souvenirs.

3.The main design points of the appearance design products: lies in the shape of the products.

4.The picture or photo that best indicates the design point of this design: the main view