Crystal gift daily maintenance and maintenance

- Jul 21, 2018-

A crystal gift is an ornament made of crystal material. Crystal gifts include: crystal medals, crystal engravings, crystal paintings, screens, crystal balls, crystal ornaments, crystal office supplies, etc. Crystal gifts are exquisite, elegant and elegant. They not only have practical value and decorative effect, but also can be used in the town of Cai Cai, so they are very popular among people. Crystal gifts, exquisite materials, fine craftsmanship, elegant and beautiful, with high appreciation value and collection value. Crystal gifts can be customized according to your needs, you can print the company logo and contact phone number.

In addition to customization,crystal gifts can also be wholesale agents, which is an ideal choice for small business. The eye-catching crystal gifts express their special passion and artistic style with their unique fashion and elegance. They have been loved since ancient times. Ambilight, crystal clear is a gorgeous description of it. An exquisite crystal gift is loved by many art-loving people with its whimsy and intricate craftsmanship. This crystal project mainly includes crystal imaging machine, crystal glue, crystal film, plus printer, computer, digital camera, you can open a crystal image shop.

Daily maintenance and maintenance Currently, the most used crystal gifts are vases, wine sets, fruit bowls, jewelry boxes, etc. Please pay attention to the use and maintenance: Do not use crystal glass products to hold hot water, so as to prevent lead in the glass from being overheated and affecting people's health. Crystal hardness is not high, must be treated gently, avoid scratches when using.The crystal glass has a smooth surface and is easy to slip when cleaned. It is best to dry it with cotton gloves.Wash with water, wash with mild soapy water, then wash with warm water, and finally wipe off the water with a clean cloth.Some non-integrated crystal glass ornaments, the joint may be made of glue, can not be directly washed.