Crystal gift grinding process

- Sep 27, 2018-

First, no sanding process

1, the specific production equipment: multi-function crystal imaging machine + computer + printer.

2. Scope of application: Suitable for all crystal styles (including various shapes).

3. Making crystal craft:

4, production method: print + crystal sizing + bonding free polishing film and curing + trimming

Just put the printed crystal film, use crystal glue to the bottom of different crystals, then put it into the multi-function crystal image machine for light solidization, take it out for 2 minutes, clean it with a paper cutter, and finally put it for another 3-5 minutes. Remove and remove the protective film on the crystal film and the image is completed.

5. Time, quality and deficiencies:

Time: It takes 5-8 minutes to complete, and the skill is completed in 5 minutes.

Advantages: Lightweight processing equipment (less than 3KG), low cost and low investment; easy and fast to produce, can save 5 times time compared with grinding process; no noise, no pollution, environmental protection and energy saving, suitable for inside and outside production; if the production process is wrong The salvage rate is 100%, no crystal loss; no matter how long the customer can re-image, the material labor fee can be charged, and the customer source is guaranteed; the effect is good,the large and small studios and personalized stores at home and abroad are promoted and used, and the market response is strong.

Insufficient: surface cleaning can be carried out, but the time of soaking warm water can not exceed 120 hours; it can resist ordinary scratching,and avoid contact with sharp objects;

Second,the grinding process

1. Specific production equipment: crystal grinding machine + crystal light curing machine + computer + printer.

2. Scope of application: It can only be polished and produced for regular crystal parts.

3. Making crystal craft:

Made with full-transparent crystal film or translucent film, the image is placed between the bottom of the crystal and the glass sheet, then pasted with crystal glue, and finally trimmed with a crystal sander and then molded.

4, production method: print + crystal sizing + solidified crystal film + cured sheet + covered crystal + re-solidified + polished

5. Time,quality and deficiencies:

Time: It takes about 40 minutes or more. If you are not skilled, the time may be longer.

Advantages: It can be permanently waterproof and can resist sharp scraping. The three-dimensional sense is better than the non-grinding product; the anti-fading ability is better (image and air isolation)

Insufficient: long production time, great noise and dust during polishing, which has an impact on the health of the producer, especially on the lungs; the grinding machine needs special operation room, and the electricity is charged; if the curing process or the grinding process is wrong, the product will be Scrap, high loss rate; because it is stuck behind a piece of glass sheet to make the finished product have an impact on the overall crystal quality; because of the cost, environmental protection, the terminal is difficult to promote.