Crystal gift maintenance method

- Jul 19, 2018-

The sleeping crystal gifts are excavated from the caves by human craftsmen, and the crystal gifts are carved into pieces of art treasures and high-end jewelry with the skill of the gods. The earth gave birth to crystal gifts, and gave the crystal gifts an ethereal beauty, and humans made its beauty to the extreme. Nothing beautiful can last forever. Crystal gifts are also required during use. The easiest way is to bask in the sun. Put the crystal gift in a sunny place and illuminate it for an hour or so to achieve the purification effect of the crystal gift. In addition, you can also put the crystal gift on the window sill at night on a particularly good moonlight or starlight, and accept the energy of the moon and the moon, so that the purification effect can be achieved.

Salt-washing crystal gifts contain mineral granules, and special care should be taken when performing maintenance. When maintaining a crystal gift necklace, take the crystal gift and take care of the crystal gift separately. In the salt wash, put the crystal gift in salt water and soak for a few hours. In addition, the easiest way is to bury the crystal gift directly in sea salt for a few hours.

The crystal wash crystal gift was originally born in the water, and it grows in the water. It can be said that it is a crystal gift made of water. Crystal gifts, as the name suggests, are the crystals in the water, the essence of the water. Therefore, most crystal gifts can be washed directly with water. However, some ore crystal gifts containing iron and copper components are susceptible to chemical reactions with water and cannot be washed by a similar method.

The natural maintenance method crystal gift comes from nature, of course, only nature can restore it to the truth. You can place crystal gifts in the suburbs and in a good air environment, which can also purify crystal gift accessories. However, the suburbs are dangerous and easy to lose, so it is necessary to prevent them in advance.

Daily maintenance and protection Crystal gifts are fragile and contain many metal crystals, so pay special attention to protection. When doing housework and carrying heavy loads, it is best not to wear them to prevent the occurrence of bumps, while keeping away from acid and alkali chemicals, corrosion of crystal gifts, and affecting gloss.