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- Sep 04, 2019-

Market analysis: Italian crystal glass crafts production in shijiazhuang, hebei become a hot spot.This kind of craft invests little, do not need too big storefront, do not need sale experience, suit laid-off workers or small capital investor.Crystal glass craft products crystal clear, vivid, than ordinary glass brightness dozens of times, than resin and other chemical materials bright, luxurious.The crystal glass handicraft is noble and elegant, the image is true to life, the transcendence is free from vulgarity, can call the high-quality goods one absolutely.Solve the problem of rare natural crystal material, difficult to make, expensive and so on.

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1. All the inquiries will be replied within 24 hours.

2. Well-trained & experienced sales can reply your inquiries in English.

3. Professional manufacturer and wholesaler for 14 years.

4. OEM & ODM projects are highly welcomed, we have strong R&D team.

    1.) Customized products are available

    2.) Any ideas on products, we can help you to design and put it into production

5. Imprinting logo on the products is available.

6. The order will be produced exactly according to order details and proofed samples, our QC will submit inspection report before shipment. 

7. All of our products have proceeded aging test before shipment and we guarantee to use our products safety.

8. Good after-sale service. We have the best after-sale service. If any problems happen, our team will try our best to solve the problems.

9. Payment terms: PayPal, T/T, Western Union, L/C.