Crystal jewelry is the new favorite for ladies

- Sep 12, 2019-

Once upon a time, gold and silver ornaments dominated, those yellow, golden gold has been a symbol of wealth.But in recent years, trendy southerners have gone back to pure, refined crystal.These can refract the act the role ofing of 7 colour ray, with its change of colour unpredictable, of craft exquisite peerless, became people the new favour in jewelry box and ark of high-quality goods.In recent years, crystal ornaments in the market with each passing day wind.


Cotton, mist or slag like package, impurities in the transparent crystal internal haze phenomenon or feel inside like there is cottons, slag like material like the package, the existence of the package, affect the overall beauty of the crystal.Still have crystal inside local contain black spot or the Porky material of other color, with crystal whole not harmonious, be regarded as the impurity of crystal, the crystal that has this kind of impurity is inferior product.