Crystal jewelry polishing should pay attention to the problem

- Sep 11, 2019-

Polishing is the last step in gemstone processing, which is the key to the natural beauty of gemstones.In recent years, jiangsu donghai crystal processing industry has developed rapidly, and the products sell well at home and abroad, but the proportion of high-quality products is too small, a large number of low-quality products fill the market, seriously affecting the reputation of crystal ornaments.The main reason is improper processing methods, among which poor polishing is an important factor affecting the quality of jewelry.For peer reference.Selection and concentration of polishing agent.MT81

one,production process: material opening, pressing, coarse polishing, fine polishing, drilling, carving, sandblasting, viscose, quality inspection, packaging

Two, the crystal product classification: engraved, plane, engraved and plane and hand-carved four kinds.