Crystal origin of crystal appreciation

- Sep 16, 2019-

Crystal has a special beauty and charm, people take many interesting names for it, such as shui yu, shui jing, yu ying, quartz, jing yu, bodhisattva stone, guang guang stone, glasses stone, millennium ice and so on.In Britain, the name of CRYSTAL is "CRYSTAL".But to be exact, crystal is well-crystallized, transparent quartz, whose chemical composition is silicon dioxide (SiO2).


1, produced by HPHT or CVD
2, high quality as natural diamond, hardness is Moh's 10, can pass diamond test pen.
3, white or yellow color, good transparency, high strengh, low impurity
4, different shape(round, square, cube), size and thickness(1.1mm to 1.7mm) are available.

2. Features for mono-crystal synthetic diamonds for sale
1. Regular and irregular square shape
2. High hardness and stength, great thermal stability
3. High impact resistance
4. Good diaphaneity