Crystal ornaments are popular in southeast Asia

- Sep 12, 2019-

In the past two years, crystal ornaments in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong's tourism market is very popular, all kinds of exquisite natural crystal flying quietly into ordinary people's homes.The crystal that sells on the market at present basically cent is natural with man-made two kinds.Natural crystal is a kind of transparent quartz crystal, composed of silica and hexagonal columnar crystal.Because the natural crystal quality is pure, the hardness is higher, the crystal is clear, gives the person with the form beautiful, the natural beautiful quality feeling.Among them with natural crystal ball, amethyst is given priority to crystal series is favored.Artificial crystal is a mixture of quartz sand and lead oxide and other minerals, with fine cutting technology and flawless grinding kung kung produced.MT125

Growth defect

Potholes on the surface of the crystal, some deep, some shallow, are formed naturally as the crystal grows, not as a result of man-made damage.The defect site originally contained other mineral crystals, but due to the weak binding force between the inclusion and the crystal binding site, when the surface was polished, the ore body fell off, leaving gaps.This defect is common in green ghost, titanium crystal and gold hair crystal.