Crystal prints are sparkling

- Sep 04, 2019-

Crystal print or album cover manufacturing process, is a recent emerging small - capital projects.The process completely broke the traditional process of making crystal tedious and high cost constraints, but directly using crystal engraving machine in a short time with the lowest cost of production.Finished products with high gloss, high hardness, scratch resistance, fashion, practical and other advantages.And it's a new DIY product.Consumers can easily make a delicate, beautiful crystal engraving in 5 minutes, this machine is simple to operate, can create unexpected wealth!One, six super advantages :

1, can make 8 ", 12 ", 14 ", 18 ", 20 "crystal album cover,24",32 "top crystal print and album cover.

2, completely replace the traditional crystal production process.

3, can quickly make new environmental protection crystal prints and album covers.

4. Wear resistance and scratch resistance.

5. This machine is especially suitable for post-production of wedding photography studio.Two, widely used: can produce crystal or semi-crystal board painting and frameless painting,