Crystal, refers to colorless transparent silica crysta

- Jun 06, 2019-

Crystal, refers to colorless transparent silica crystal, is a precious ore.At present and ice - colored chalcedony, tourmaline and other juxtaposition, into the category of color gemstones, production is less.The chemical stability of crystals is quite good, the hardness is very big, its moshi (moss) hardness of 7, these determine the crystal will not decay, has the durability, easy to preserve, very suitable for collection.The ancient name "water jade "" water essence and so on.She has a clear body, can be called the spirit of the world, containing the spirit between heaven and earth, flowing in the universe of the powerful rhyme, condenses the cultural complex of ancient civilization.The fine stone can sing, can sing the stone can inspire the poet to sing with abandon.Crystal became an object of endless singing in chu SAO, han fu, tang poetry, song ci and yuan qu, giving birth to many immortal poems in Chinese literature historyBG-01