Crystal trophy production and processing technology

- Sep 07, 2018-

Crystal trophy conventional products are divided into two categories, the only difference is the related processing technology.

1.One is a press type (heating from a glass rod to a softened state, and then pressing out the general shape of the product on the mold, and deep processing) has the advantages of low cost, less material waste, and good product consistency. The disadvantage is that after being heated, Under external pressure, it will be seen after polishing to have stripes of water waveform inside.

2,the other is pure K9 material production, after receiving the order, according to the product size and size in the market to find materials, the materials are block-shaped, in the box as a unit, there are various specifications and sizes, such as to do 100 * 100*20MM finished ashtray, the material list must only be 105*105*25MM, the extra 5MM is the margin for cutting, and then according to the size of the wool to find the most suitable material, the best material state is wool Integer multiples, because if the excess is not made into a product, it is completely useless. This is very important when doing samples.

The processing technology of crystal trophy is divided into flat grinding, faceting, punching, concave, coloring, silver plating, coloring, sandblasting, deep carving, engraving, annealing, drawing, baking, rounding, etc.

Flat grinding: Flat grinding means that when making a large parallel surface, the product is placed on an iron plate with viscous material and then polished on a grinding plate. The efficiency is relatively high. It is suitable for large surfaces and polished. Pass the coarse sand, hit the target size, and then pass the fine sand, let the glass surface finish meet the process requirements, and then polish.