Crystal trophy shines with design

- Jan 28, 2019-

Creative sail-type crystal trophy, this crystal trophy consists of three parts, the main body is made of transparent crystal, the top polishing, can reflect the unique permeability of the crystal, the bottom is the concave crystal base, the production process is higher, but let the whole product The high-grade and exquisite. The use of blue crystal is the highlight of this trophy, which can increase the visual jump of the whole product. Dedicated to the development of crystal trophy crystal medals and crystal prizes and glass crafts for decades, we insist on serving the high-end market with quality products.

Each product does not take shortcuts, does not save processes, and does not use inferior materials. Paying attention to detail is like paying attention to life. Strive to create the perfect quality in the industry Today's crystal trophy crystal medal market, good and bad, imitation, follow the wind blind phenomenon. Mi Yue is not obliged to teach you how to identify the quality of the product, Mi Yue only strive to do their own products. Just, cheap is not necessarily good. If the price is high, it is not necessarily impossible to choose. You must know that if you want a good product and want a low price, this is not an equal sign. Crystal crafts, because the crafts have the characteristics of quality and design, the added value of the craft design is greater than the value brought by the material.

Domestically, the market for ancient crystal crafts is relatively stable compared to other collections, although it is on the rise, but the increase is not large. Modern crystal products have become the main target of people's purchase. Now the crystal particles used in jewelry have reached about 300 yuan per piece. In the selection of crystal, investors should first look at the quality of crystal products, the quality of pure, smooth, crystal is better, if there are impurities, it is a defective.

The second is to look at work, crystal products processing and grinding two kinds. Crystal jewelry is mostly ground, while snuff bottles are mainly carved. In addition to workmanship, good crystal products can maximize the inner beauty of crystal. The third is to look at the color of the crystal, because even the same crystal, the texture and color of different parts are not the same. Monochrome, with uniformity, and with varying depths, requires a natural and beautiful color change.