Crystal trophy with distinctive interior engraving

- Jan 03, 2019-

The crystal trophy is a medal that has been processed and transformed under the designer's design. This medal is different from medals in other materials and has its own unique engraving route. Ordinary medals can only be engraved on the surface of the material. And not all colors can be perfectly blended. For example, silver or gold medals, because they contain deeper colors, it is impossible to fuse other colors to such medals. But the crystal trophy is different.

The crystal trophy is a pure white, white is one of the most versatile versatile colors. No matter what color, it can be more beautiful under the white background. Does not create any sudden feelings. Of course, I can't just raise the crystal trophy to the highest position just by the problem of coloring. The crystal trophy also has its own unique interior engraving. Because the crystal is transparent, even if you engrave a pattern on the crystal, then press the image with another crystal. We can also clearly see the visual effects that the whole picture brings to us.

This unique interior engraving is also not possible with other material medals. The interior engraving and color issues of the crystal trophy give designers countless designs. They can make a bold move on the crystal, adding a touch of color to the crystal.