Crystals is spiritual collections in transit

- Sep 12, 2019-

The natural crystal is a kind of ancient gem variety, with white crystal, tea crystal, amethyst, etc., it contains a variety of trace mineral elements.According to compendium of materia medica records: crystal six cold non-toxic, cool and refreshing eyes, to the red eye, yue color, refreshing eyes, blood pressure, kidney benefits and so on.MT123

Common flaws in folded crystals

 1. hidden crack

In transparent crystals, hidden cracks appear in shiny sheets and sometimes have a halo effect.These cracks are crystal in the growth process, encounter external force compression and internal production of some invisible cracks, hidden cracks in hibiscus stone, amethyst, white crystal ball and white crystal column are very common.Some of the cracks are then filled with material to form a closed crack, that is, the original crack persists.This crack has a relatively small effect on the crystal.