Crystals is spiritual collections in transit

- Sep 16, 2019-

The natural crystal is a kind of ancient gem variety, with white crystal, tea crystal, amethyst, etc., it contains a variety of trace mineral elements.According to compendium of materia medica records: crystal six cold non-toxic, cool and refreshing eyes, to the red eye, yue color, refreshing eyes, blood pressure, kidney benefits and so on.


1. Place of origin: China
2. Material: Grade 1 K9 crystal
3. Crafts: Handcraft
4. Free of air bubbles
5. Various colors, shapes and specifications are available
6. Performance: The combination of classic and modern elements
7. Inner packing: 1PC/gift box or paper box
Outer packing: Protective export carton
8. Unit price: Depends on qty and requirements