diamond photo frame production process

- Jun 17, 2020-

Engraving and sticking diamond photo frame production process includes the following steps: 

<1>, select the crystal glass, according to the requirements of different customers, select the corresponding crystal glass as the material for making the crystal phase frame;

<2> crystal glass cutting, use cutting equipment to cut crystal glass out of the set crystal phase frame panel and back panel, at the same time on the back of the panel to cut out two corresponding card slot;

<3>, crystal glass polishing, the steps <2> cut out the crystal phase frame using polishing equipment for polishing;

<4>, crystal glass engraving, in the panel and back into the carving equipment, the computer design of the engraving patterns through the carving equipment into the panel and back;

<5>, crystal glass washing, will be engraved treatment of the panel and back plate through the cleaning equipment to wash the mirror;

<6>. Stick the drill, fix the decorative bricks and stones on the surface of the panel with binder;

<7>, adhesive, adhesive treatment in the corresponding position on the panel and back;

<8>, insert the back plate, insert the back plate at the two card slots set on the panel, make the panel and the back plate cooperate with each other, and place photos in the combination of the panel and the back plate.