Different Color of Crystal means Different Symbols

- Mar 25, 2019-

Color: colorless, light to dark purple, light yellow, medium to dark yellow, light to dark brown, brown, green to yellowish green, light to medium pink.

Amethyst: light to deep purple.

Topaz: light yellow, medium to deep yellow.

Blue crystal: light blue, dark blue.Almost all blue crystals are synthetic.

Smoky crystal: light to dark brown, brown.Due to the substitution of Si4+ for Al3+ in the composition, the [AlO4] 4-color center was produced after irradiation.

Green crystal: green to yellowish green.Color formation is associated with Fe2+, and there is little natural green crystal on the market, usually an intermediate product of amethyst formed when heated into topaz.

Hibiscus stone: light to medium pink, lighter in tone.The color is usually pink due to the presence of trace amounts of titanium (Ti).May have the effect of transmitting starlight.

Crystal: colorless, light yellow, light brown, etc., can be because of rutile often golden, brown red and other colors, including tourmaline often gray black;A greenish gray color with actinolite.