distinguish true and false crystal ornaments

- Sep 12, 2019-

Nowadays, crystal ACTS the role of article already became one of fashionable adornment of people first selection.The crystal that sells on the market at present ACTS the role of article have man-made crystal, glass and natural crystal to wait, pass by a fish's eye bead, how to discern its true bogus?Here introduce several methods for your reference:

Crystal handicraft has man-made crystal and natural crystal 2 kinds, introduce its identify method below:

(1) see: natural crystal in the formation of the process, often affected by the environment always have some impurities, to the sun observation, you can see the light uniform small horizontal grain or catkin material.And false crystal USES incomplete crystal slag, glass slag melting, after polishing processing, pigmentation imitation and into, no uniform stripes, catkin - like material.

(2) tongue lick: even in the hot summer dog days, with the tongue lick natural crystal surface, there is a cold and cool feeling.False crystal, there is no cool feeling.

(3) light: natural crystal vertical under the sun, no matter from which Angle to see it, can release beautiful luster.Not with fake crystals.

(4)hardness: natural crystal hardness, with gravel on the jewelry gently scratch, will not leave traces;If leave stripe, it is false crystal.

(5) check with polariscope: in the polariscope rotating 360 degrees have four four dark change is natural crystal, no change is false crystal.

(6) with dichroism check: natural amethyst dichroism, false crystal without dichroism.

(7)by magnifying glass inspection: with ten times magnifying glass in the transmission of light inspection, can find the basic bubble can be defined as false crystal.

(8)Is checked with hair silk only: put crystal on a hair silk, the human eye can see hair silk double shadow through crystal, it is natural crystal, mainly because crystal has double refraction.

(9) thermal conductivity meter detection: adjust the thermal conductivity meter to green 4 grid test gem, natural crystal can rise to yellow 2 grid, and false crystal does not rise, when the area is large rise to yellow 1 grid.