Emerging technology editor of glass

- Jul 06, 2020-

Emerging technology editor

Glass is a kind of old building material, with the rapid improvement of modern science and technology level and the change of application technology, all kinds of glass with unique function come out in succession, flourishing glass family.

Don't break

A British aircraft company has invented a kind of indestructible glass for airplanes. It is a kind of glass with several layers of debris bonded together into a clear plastic film.The polychlorine-based plastic film has a viscous semi-liquid consistency, and when someone tries to break it, the hit film slowly clumps together and regains its characteristic integrity.The glass can be used in cars to prevent theft.


Bullet-proof glass is a specially processed composite of glass (or plexiglass) and high quality engineering plastics. It is usually a transparent material such as PVB/ polycarbonate fiber thermoplastic (lexan RESIN is also known as Lexan PC RESIN).It has the appearance of ordinary glass and the behavior of transmitting light, providing some protection against small arms fire.The thickest PC board can do 136 mm thick, the maximum width up to 2166 mm wide, effective time up to 6,664 days.